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Soybean( Glycine Max L ) Cultivation part 2

Soybean( Glycine Max L ) Cultivation part 2

Lets we continue talk about soybean, we have talk about benefit of soybean crops and its history at part 1

Plant Media
1. Basically soybean want the condition of landfarm which do not too wet, but water remain to available or made available. Maize is indicator crop which both for soybean. Landfarm which is is good to be cultivated by maize, good is also cultivated by soybean

2. Soybean do not claim special landfarm structure as clauses grow. Even at less fertile farm condition and rather even sour also soybean can grow , as long as not suffused by water to cause the decaying of root. Soybean can grow good at various landfarm type, drainage and of good aeration enough landfarm

3. Compatible landfarms that is: alluvial, regosol, grumosol, and latosol of andosol. At landfarms of podsolik red turn yellow and landfarm concidering many quartz sands, growth of unfavourable soybean, except when given by organic manure addition or enough compost

4. New landfarms is first time cultivated by soybean, before all that required give by bacterium of Rhizobium, except landfarm which have cultivated by Vigna sinensis ( string bean). Soybean planted at chalky landfarm or ex- cultivated by paddy will give better result, cause of tekstur landfarm still good and only need fertilization by organic fertilizer

5. Soybean also require rich organic materials farm. Enough Organic materials in landfarm will improve repair process energy as well as is the source of food for microorganism, what finally will free element of nutrient for the growth of crop

6. Sandy landfarm can cultivate soybean, water and nutrient to crop for growth must enough. Landfarm concidering high hard, better be performed by repair the drainage system and aerasi so crop will not lack of oxygen and do not be suffused by big rain time water. To repair aeration , organic materials is vital importance manure

7. Tolerance acidity of landfarm as condition for grow

Height of Place of Varietas soybean have small seed, very compatible planted in the farm with height 0,5- 300 m from sea. While soybean variety have compatible big seed will better be planted in farm with height 300-500 m from sea level. Soybean usually will grow good at more than 500 m from the sea level .

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